Accelerate Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Friday 6 Mar 2020 | Big Data Analytics | Manufacturing |

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How IoT Plus Data Analytics Equals Smart Manufacturing

In today’s highly competitive digital business world, manufacturers must act fast and pivot quickly to meet fluctuating market trends and consumer demands. IIoT, combined with advanced analytics as part of a broader digital transformation strategy, can help manufacturers create new business models, improve operational efficiencies and drive innovation in products and services.

Read the white paper written by CIO from IDG for Hitachi Vantara to learn more about: 

  • Ten advantages of IIoT and analytics for manufacturers
  • The 4 M’s of Manufacturing (Man, Machine, Materials and Method)
  • Sullair Case study focusing on real-time monitoring of critical assets for fast response
  • How to maximize performance of critical assets using IIoT
  • Case study: Daicel
  • Types of advanced analytics that can aid manufacturers
  • Conclusions