iSIM and IoT SAFE: Why they’re perfect partners for IoT security

Wednesday 21 Oct 2020 | Both Technologies | MIoT Technology |

Here Paul Bradley introduces why inherent trust in IoT devices is imperative, explains the importance of the new IoT SAFE standard in IoT security, and why iSIM is the form factor to get it there.

If we’re going to succeed in enabling true Internet of things (IoT) security, we all need to agree on a few things. Things like IoT SAFE (IoT SIM Applet For Secure End-2-End Communication), a new standard from the GSMA that declares the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) to be the most secure location within a device from which to process and secure the data exchange from chip to cloud.

Before I explain why IoT SAFE makes so much sense for IoT security, let’s look at what ‘secure location’ means within this context. Today’s IoT devices typically employ any number of isolated and trusted components we call Root (or Roots) of Trust (RoT). Often proprietary, they’re spread across hardware, firmware and software elements, performing specific critical functions.

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