Mobile IoT: The Ideal Fit for Smart Cities

Monday 3 Jul 2017 | Smart Cities Highlights | Smart Cities Resources |

Mobile IoT: The Ideal Fit for Smart Cities image

The introduction of Mobile IoT networks from mobile network operators will
offer a scalable, secure and standardised way to connect smart city assets across a wide variety of services in an economically sustainable way.
Mobile IoT networks for smart cities are adaptable, secure and designed specifically to meet a smart city’s needs. The economics of using this technology to deploy services has improved as the value chain standardises around common networks and components.
In this report, discover why Mobile operators are in an ideal place to help a city meet the
needs of its citizens and businesses. Given their position at the confluence of the IoT from connectivity through to device management and data analytics. They are able to provide economies of scale, a high quality of service and effective management and integration of these IoT attributes into a city’s framework for service provision.
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