Smart Mobility Expert Spotlight: Leticia López Domingo, Expert in Innovation and Vehicular Communications, Telefónica

Monday 9 May 2022 | Automotive & Mobility | Mobility | Resources |

The revolution of Smart Mobility is shaped and expedited by pivotal technological innovation, including 5G connectivity, autonomy, shared mobility and electrification. These industry trends, combined with intelligence gained from immense data volumes, are aiding the establishment of an information society and are radically transforming every aspect of travel, from life-saving safety-critical applications, to new and innovative entertainment and infotainment services, to seamless multi-modal transport experiences. In this spotlight interview, Leticia López Domingo, Expert in Innovation and Vehicular Communications at Telefónica answers questions around the potential and opportunities of Smart Mobility.


Leticia López Domingo

Expert in Innovation and Vehicular Communications, Telefónica

Experienced Technology Innovation Expert in Telefónica Spain, with a demonstrated background in the telecommunications industry. Highly skilled in promoting and managing innovation projects, always co-innovating with customers, in order to identify and develop new business opportunities in the medium-long term. Currently focused on 5G and the topic of connected mobility, cooperative driving (C-ITS) and autonomous driving, C-V2X technology on 5G networks, infotainment in vehicles, and AGVs in industrial environments.

Watch Leticia at the Smart Mobility Summit

Smart Mobility Summit at MWC Barcelona 2022


Wednesday 23 Mar 2022 | 5G | Automotive & Mobility | Autonomous Driving | C-V2X | Mobility | Resources | Security |

The Smart Mobility Summit brought together leading industry experts to discuss the near and long-term future of Smart Mobility, key technological drivers including 5G, C-V2X and MEC, and the role of data and information in creating smarter travel.