5G for Manufacturing: How companies are deploying 5G in their factories

Tuesday 19 Apr 2022 | 5G | Manufacturing | Private & Dedicated Networks |

In the choice of public or private, manufacturers strongly favour deploying a private 5G network. In the fourth of his series, Jonny Williamson explores why.
Three in four manufacturers intend to adopt private 5G networks by 2024.
So says an international study by network management company Accedian. By comparison, 92% of manufacturing facilities today use Wi-Fi for local networks.

Explaining why interest in private 5G is at an all-time high, Accedian’s Jay Stewart says that manufacturers clearly understand the impact it can have on their businesses. “Private 5G supports a wide variety of existing manufacturing applications while enabling new ones that aren’t practical with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and other technologies,” he adds.

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