Zain is committed to being an inclusive company providing opportunities for a better future that is accessible to all. The company aims to bridge the divides that exists in our operating markets focusing on the inclusion of people with disabilities, vulnerable segments, women and the elderly community. Addressing people with disabilities presents an opportunity for development in addition to providing financial inclusion for all.

Zain is steadfast in its goal to provide equal access to opportunities within the company through its WE ABLE program to achieve the following objectives by 2022:

  • Increase the number of employees with disabilities within Zain
  • Ensure all training programs are disability inclusive
  • Ensure all our touch points are disability inclusive
  • Identify innovative and assistive technologies enabling more people with disabilities to join the company

Zain is dedicated to taking the necessary steps to develop disability inclusive products and services relevant to each of our markets by 2025.  We aim to understand the diverse set of requirements for people with disabilities to ensure that we play a transformational role in addressing the disability and digital divide.

– Jennifer Suleiman, Chief Sustainability Officer, Zain Group