Smarter Grid International

Piloting mobile payments for solar home systems in Nigeria

Grantee Details

Name of project: Piloting mobile payments for solar home systems in Nigeria
Project location: Nigeria
Type of grant: Seed
Grant awarded: May 2017
Partners: Airtel

Smarter Grid International is a solar distributor in Nigeria focused on addressing Nigeria’s huge energy access gap. Though their grant they will work with Airtel Nigeria to launch mobile payments for pay-as-you-go solar systems. They will also expand their sales to reach additional states and regions in Nigeria.


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“Nigeria has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, and there remains significant potential for the proliferation of mobile money platforms and PAYG technology against the backdrop of a rapidly growing population which is hungry for connectivity. With GSMA support, our pilot with Airtel will be one of the pioneer projects that will prove the concept of mobile money use in Nigeria, and lay the ground for many more vendors to offer and transact services via mobile money and for mobile money usage to become ubiquitous in the country.” – Mrs Heather Onoh, CEO”