GSMA IoT at M360 – Europe

Start: Tuesday 18 September 2018 8:00 am

End: Tuesday 18 September 2018 5:00 pm

Venue: GSMA Brussels

Mobile 360 Series – Europe brings industry leaders and policy makers to the GSMA’s newly opened office in the heart of Brussels. The discussions will be focused on how policy influences technology, and how governments can develop legislation that fosters a culture of creativity, innovation and progression for all society.

GSMA IoT is going to bring Smart London, partnering with the Royal Borough of Greenwich on an air quality initiative utilising mobile, IoT and Big Data technologies, which aims to improve the health prospects and quality of life for citizens, while providing city administrators with vital information to implement new solutions and quantify their success. Meet our experts in Brussels and understand more. In case you are not able to participate, click here to understand more about Smart London.

Live Demonstration: The Air we Breathe 

Air pollution presents a growing health risk worldwide, potentially leading to asthma attacks, heart disease, lung cancer or chronic bronchitis. The development of the Internet of Things and advances in Big Data technology have led to the availability of new sensors and techniques for measuring and reporting on air quality data. This demo highlights how the GSMA and mobile operators have worked with cities in the UK and Taiwan using IoT Big Data analytics to improve the health prospects and quality of life for citizens.

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