Innovating with Mobile IoT at MWC Americas 2018

GSMA Mobile IoT Innovators Showcase at MWC Americas 2018

Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) West Hall, 4YFN, Stand W.220

Wed-Thur: 9am-5pm | Fri: 9am-3pm

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Meet the GSMA Mobile IoT Innovators – creative start-ups and companies building new products and solutions with licensed spectrum low power wide area (LPWA) technologies: LTE-M and NB-IoT. These are designed for Internet of Things applications that are low cost, use low data rates, require long battery lives and often operate in remote and hard to reach locations.

Discover the potential of both technologies and their wide application range across industries with innovative demonstrations from our members, including ultra-low power asset tracking, flood detection, internal temperature sensing, time of flight distance measurement and real-time location reporting.

The Mobile IoT Innovators is the official industry community for LPWA technologies in licensed spectrum and by uniting over 1000 companies, provides a vibrant ecosystem around Mobile IoT.

Company Demonstration Technology
Time of Flight Distance Measurement for Industrial IoT
BeWhere’s showcase highlights the versatility of Mobile IoT and includes sensors for flood detection, pressure sensing, internal temperature sensing, and Time of Flight. The Time of Flight demonstration is showcased on a live LTE-M network and tracks the distance of an object by measuring the time difference between the emission of a signal and its return to the LTE-M sensor after being reflected by the object. Because Mobile IoT provides reliable coverage indoors, this solution is designed for industrial needs, such as the smart factory and smart manufacturing, helping companies to improve accurate distance measurement, obstacle detection and avoidance, user detection, and volume control.
Ultra-low power asset tracking
This demonstration shows how LTE-M can be combined with Bluetooth to offer ultra-low power asset tracking for equipment in confined spaces – in other words, tracking of large groups of items that are in close proximity to one another. BLE tags collect the devices’ location data, which is then sent to a central cloud platform using the LTE-M network.
This solution is ideally suited for closed-loop logistics and use cases include tracking of pallets, equipment in warehouses, and equipment inside maintenance cars or ambulances. In these scenarios, the combination of both technologies helps keep power consumption and cost down, while improving operational efficiencies.
Real-Time Location Reporting for Construction Project Management
With this real-time location reporting solution for construction projects, General Contractors can efficiently track on-site sub-contractors and equipment. The LTE-M-powered Location Reporting Module (LRM) allows sub-contractors to easily report on their status and provides the General Contractor with precise and timely information, including who is on site, what they are working on, the progress they are making, and which materials are being checked out – enabling easy tracking of costs. The sub-contractors’ data is stored on their mobile phones and, using Bluetooth, sent to an on-site LTE-M gateway which sends the data to the General Contractor’s reporting platform using the LTE-M network. The LRM can be combined with sensors to track additional information relevant to the construction project, e.g. temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.
Providing a Vibrant Ecosystem around Mobile IoT
Meet the GSMA Internet of Things Programme team to find out more about the Mobile IoT Innovators and how to become a member, to discuss the benefits and capabilities of LTE-M and NB-IoT with leading industry experts, and to explore a selection of available development kits and modules.
The GSMA Mobile IoT Innovators provide an easy way to keep up to date with the latest industry developments, and stimulate insight and innovation to accelerate the development of new IoT solutions. Members enjoy exclusive benefits, such as promoting their company in the Mobile IoT Innovators Directory, the official industry index for companies working with LPWA technologies in licensed spectrum.