Interview: Data is common Thread in Smart Manufacturing

Thursday 10 Sep 2020 | 5G | Big Data Analytics | Digital Industries Partner Spotlights | Manufacturing |

Richard Vincent, Chief Business Officer at Foxconn Industrial Internet (FII), explained the collection of data is a common priority across all sectors as they make Industry 4.0 plays.

Vincent said most enterprises have now started to delve into smart manufacturing. FII is no exception: it began its Industry 4.0 journey in 2013 and quickly learned “the greatest return on investment comes when you can link machine data, human data and AI”. The company specialises in R&D, manufacturing and sales of electronic equipment.

“For us, the common thread amongst all industries that we’re talking to is the need to process data”.

“Because of that, and because our focus is on data and not necessarily smart factory or automation or anything else, we have seen strong demand from all industries. Screen manufacturers, heavy industry, even logistics, they all have the need to collect data.”

Vincent highlighted the benefits of incorporating 5G into the manufacturing process, but noted there had to be a “positive symbiotic relationship” between operators and enterprises.

“If you look at it, the 5G network is owned by the carriers. The use cases are owned by the industry. So, by working together we can create the best applications that run on these 5G networks, and can give industry the best return on investment.”

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