IoT SAFE: Robust IoT Security at Scale

Tuesday 29 Jun 2021 | IoT Security | Resources |

IoT SAFE: Robust IoT Security at Scale image

In this whitepaper, we review how a SIM, or any other Secure Element, can be leveraged as a root-of-trust to secure IoT device-to-cloud communications by implementing the world’s most popular application layer security protocol. The approach avoids duplication of secure hardware functions, by loading an additional security service for storing and processing the sensitive credentials used to establish the TLS handshake on the worlds most deployed secure processor, the SIM or eSIM. It is vital for the trustworthiness of the Internet of Things (IoT) that we take a secure-by-design approach by properly protecting and processing the credentials used to secure data exchange between the IoT device and the cloud. Otherwise, enterprises will not be able to rely on the quality, accuracy or integrity of the data being collected, rendering it useless or even worse, dangerous.