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Our vision: To enable the IoT, a world in which consumers and businesses enjoy rich new services, connected by an intelligent and secure mobile network.

Our aim: The GSMA Connected Living programme is an initiative to help operators add value and accelerate the delivery of new connected devices and services in the M2M market. This is to be achieved by industry collaboration, appropriate regulation, optimising networks as well as developing key enablers to support the growth of M2M in the immediate future and the IoT in the longer term.

The Programme

IoT Connection Efficiency: How can IoT devices & apps communicate safely via the mobile network?

The Internet of Things is dependent on the efficient and intelligent use of the mobile network. The GSMA develops connection efficiency guidelines ensuring that IoT device and application developers can follow a common approach to create efficient, trusted and reliable IoT services that can scale as the market grows.

The GSMA works with its IoT ecosystem partners to establish guidelines for how machines should communicate via the mobile network in the most intelligent and efficient way. The connectivity of billions of IoT devices in a scalable network depends on all stakeholders following a common approach, ensuring everyone can enjoy the benefits of efficient connectivity.

Future IoT Networks: What does the future hold for Internet of Things networks?

The GSMA is working to establish common capabilities among mobile operators to enable a network that supports value creation for all stakeholders.

These capabilities include security, billing and charging and device management, all of which can enhance the Internet of Things by enabling the development of new services. Through the provision of these value added services, operators can move beyond connectivity and act as a trusted partner for their customers. Operator capabilities need to be tailored for the emergent M2M business model, building a trusted infrastructure that all stakeholders can rely on – and profit from

Remote M2M Provisioning: What is the GSMA Embedded SIM Specification?

The GSMA Embedded SIM Specification – Accelerating growth and operational efficiency in the M2M world

The GSMA’s Embedded SIM delivers a technical specification to enable the remote provisioning and management of Embedded SIMs to allow the “over the air” provisioning of an initial operator subscription and the subsequent change of subscription from one operator to another.

IoT Business Enablers: How do we unlock the benefits of M2M services?

A growing Internet of Things(IoT) provides a huge range of socio-economic benefits, but for these benefits to be realised businesses must first be incentivised to develop devices, applications and services, while consumers must be able to trust that their data is secure. The GSMA supports a constructive policy and regulatory framework that can unlock the benefits of Machine to Machine (M2M) services for consumers and businesses, building confidence and network capability.

Promoting government support for the growth of M2M services is the most effective way of establishing a trusted network, capable of realising the socio-economic benefits of IoT.

The GSMA advocates a sustainable M2M environment that will enable operators to unlock the consumer and business benefits of new and profitable services.

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