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GSMA Foundry Case Study: Rising to the Connectivity Challenge


Monday 7 Mar 2022 | 5G | Advanced Air Mobility | GSMA Foundry | Resources |

This trial by Telefónica and Unmanned Life, (part of the GSMA Foundry project '5G Autonomous Drones') shows how 5G can enable autonomous drones to operate safely and efficiently.

Mobile 360 APAC – The Connected Skies – Where are the Commercial Opportunities?


Thursday 28 Oct 2021 | Advanced Air Mobility | Asia-Pacific | Resources |

Mobile connectivity in the skies has opened up beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) capabilities, creating new opportunities that were never possible before or not commercially viable. For example, streamlined search & rescue ...

APAC Connected Drone Workshop – Integration of Mobile, Aviation and Drone Industries


Tuesday 31 Aug 2021 | Advanced Air Mobility | Asia-Pacific | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

This virtual event brought together mobile, drone and aviation experts, including mobile network operators, regulators, drone manufacturers and specialist service providers from across the UAV ecosystem.

The Role of Mobile Network Operators in an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Ecosystem


Friday 30 Jul 2021 | Advanced Air Mobility | Internet of Things – general | Resources | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Transport |

Whitepaper exploring how a structured process of public engagement between local authorities, communities, regulators, MNOs and the UAM industry can help citizens make informed decisions about the future of UAM infrastructure in their communities.

Industrial Applications for Mobile-Enabled Drones


Friday 9 Jul 2021 | Advanced Air Mobility | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) market is one of the fastest growing and innovative sectors of IoT and presents a huge future commercial and strategic opportunity for operators and their technology partners.

Project XCelerate: Powering the future of drone services across the UK


Tuesday 25 May 2021 | Advanced Air Mobility | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

The mobile communications and aviation industries are coming together in exciting new ways. Find out how Project XCelerate is bringing together capabilities and expertise from across the drone ecosystem and within the cellular communities.

Exploring Future Opportunities for Mobile Networks and the Drone Industry: Benefits and Use Cases


Thursday 1 Apr 2021 | Advanced Air Mobility | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

UAVs (drones) are an exciting market segment for advanced communications services based on 4G and 5G. This document is the result of consultation with mobile operators working on activities to develop and commercialise products for the drone market.

IoT WebTalk: The Power of Partnership – Clear Skies Ahead for Mobile-Enabled Aviation


Friday 26 Mar 2021 | Advanced Air Mobility | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

In this GSMA IoT WebTalk the theme of partnership is explored, and we introduce the ACJA (Aerial Connectivity Joint Activity) who build communication and cooperation between the mobile and aviation industries.

ACJA NetworkCoverage Service Definition 1.00


Thursday 4 Feb 2021 | Advanced Air Mobility |

This document describes NetworkCoverage Service, a general architecture comprising stakeholders, services, interfaces and data models for the automated data exchange between MNOs and the UTM ecosystem.

IoT WebTalk: Reaching New Heights – The Future Role of Mobile Networks in Aviation and Drones


Thursday 17 Dec 2020 | Advanced Air Mobility | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

In this IoT WebTalk, senior industry speakers outline their vision for the future of aviation and drones.

Unmanned Aircraft Remote Identification Through Cellular Networks


Thursday 5 Nov 2020 | Advanced Air Mobility | Resources |

Unmanned Aircraft (UA) technology has evolved significantly in the last decade, and UA manufacturers have been providing affordable solutions to consumers. Such evolution has opened the opportunity for many enterprises to consider ...

ACJA LTE Aerial Profile version 1.00


Tuesday 3 Nov 2020 | Advanced Air Mobility |

This document defines a profile for LTE Aerial Service by listing a number of LTE, Evolved Packet Core, and UE features that are considered essential to launch interoperable services. The defined profile is compliant with 3GPP ...

On-Demand IoT WebTalk: Utilising Mobile Connectivity for Drones Remote Identification


Tuesday 28 Jul 2020 | Advanced Air Mobility | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

Find out how mobile network connectivity delivers on the current (US and European) regulations to achieve remote identification (Remote ID) for drones.

Proof of Concept, by Telefónica: Drones for road hazard warning system using C-V2X


Thursday 21 May 2020 | Advanced Air Mobility | Artificial Intelligence | Automotive & Mobility | Big Data Analytics | C-V2X | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

This case study examines how Telefónica, the Spanish Government’s Directorate General for Traffic and SEAT created an IoT, Big Data and AI solution between drones, mobile network and cars to warn drivers of what faces them in the road ahead...

Drones Case Study: Beyond Visual Line Of Sight Platform by KPN and TEOCO


Friday 14 Feb 2020 | Advanced Air Mobility | Europe | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

KPN, in collaboration with TEOCO, is utilising TEOCO’s AirborneRF solution to develop a platform for enabling a multitude of critical communication services in support of UAVs operations.

Connected Urban Airspace Management for Unmanned Aircraft by Garuda Robotics


Tuesday 7 Jan 2020 | 5G | Advanced Air Mobility | Asia-Pacific | Resources | Smart Cities Environment | Smart Cities Transport |

Hear from Garuda Robotics, Singtel’s partner, how Garuda CoPilot the on-board unit built to be compatible with the world’s most common Flight Controllers, can enable the aircraft to be command and controlled through the Internet, from....

Case Study: Dynamic No-Fly-Zones


Friday 20 Dec 2019 | Advanced Air Mobility | Resources |

Vodafone is committed to positioning mobile network infrastructure as the key enabler for safe beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) flights. Over the last three years, the company has conducted a range of cellular network trials, during which it has demonst

Case Study: AI-enabled Drones for Object Recognition in Multiple Settings


Wednesday 28 Aug 2019 | Advanced Air Mobility |

Drones are in a unique position. With an airborne, compact, and nimble nature, they can access many locations, which would otherwise be difficult and costly to reach. As a result, they are ideally suited to perform object recognition tasks.

GSM Networks for Low Altitude Airspace Management


Wednesday 10 Jul 2019 | Advanced Air Mobility | Asia-Pacific | Resources | Smart Cities Transport |

Telstra has been researching the features and characteristics that the aviation industry requires of its wireless networks to provide communication, navigation and surveillance to aircraft, including drones, recreational and general ...

How Cellular Technology Enables Anti-Fire Drones


Saturday 23 Feb 2019 | Advanced Air Mobility | Europe | Resources |

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are already used for a multitude of applications, particularly where they can offer public value. Telefónica in collaboration with partners Dronitec, Divisek and the Intelligent Systems Lab, from ...