Mobile IoT – Case Studies

Within these case studies we explore how Mobile IoT could help safeguard the environment and the supply of vital natural resources, such as water. This new class of mobile technologies are set to make it much easier and more cost-effective to deploy and manage connected wildlife trackers over extended periods of time and in remote areas.

We discover how using Mobile IoT it will become cost-effective for telecoms operators to relay real-time information on parking availability to drivers’ smartphones or dashboard computers. Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) mobile technologies could bring connectivity to utility meters beyond the reach of existing wireless solutions, enabling energy and water grids to become smarter and more efficient.

LTE-M Commercialisation Case Study: How AT&T and Telstra Connect Million More IoT Devices


Wednesday 9 Jan 2019 | LTE-M | MIoT Case Studies | MIoT Technology | MIoT Technology LTE-M |

This paper outlines how two of the world's leading mobile operators - AT&T and Telstra - are using LTE-M technology to roll out innovative new services. In North America, AT&T is working with white goods manufacturers to provide ...

LPWA: Enabling Extreme Wildlife Tracking


Saturday 25 Feb 2017 | MIoT Case Studies | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

To protect threatened species, conservationists need to fully understand their behaviour and which habitats are key to their survival. To that end, Vodafone is working with the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) in Scotland to track the ...

LPWA: Making Parking Smarter


Wednesday 30 Nov 2016 | MIoT Case Studies | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

As urbanisation continues apace and the number of cars on the roads rises steadily, finding a place to park can be a major headache for business and leisure travellers alike. If drivers knew in advance which spaces are vacant, they ...

LPWA: Cost-Effective Care for the Environment


Tuesday 28 Jun 2016 | MIoT Case Studies | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Environment | Smart Cities Resources |

As population growth and climate change increase demand for fresh water, governments, businesses and individuals are looking for more effective ways to monitor and combat pollution. On the Chattahoochee river, which supplies four ...

LPWA: The future of smart metering


Tuesday 28 Jun 2016 | MIoT Case Studies | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Resources | Smart Cities Utilities |

Utilities around the world are installing smart meters that can monitor customers’ usage of energy or water in near real-time, cutting costs and helping to balance supply and demand. But it can be expensive and difficult to connect ...