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Smarter and Safer Driving: The Rollout of Cellular V2X Services in Europe


Friday 29 Sep 2017 | 5G | Automotive & Mobility | C-V2X | Resources |

Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (Cellular V2X) describes a set of technologies that allow vehicles to communicate with each other and other smart transport solutions via existing cellular networks in licensed spectrum. Cellular V2X ...

Presentations from the 5th Global Mobile IoT Summit


Wednesday 27 Sep 2017 | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

At the 5th GSMA Global Mobile IoT Summit, leading experts, including Ankur Bhan and Dr George Karam (Sequans), explored the ongoing commercialisation of licensed spectrum LPWA networks and their power to deliver service to billions of ...

LTE-M Deployment Guide


Friday 22 Sep 2017 | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

LTE-M (LTE-MTC low power wide area (LPWA)) is a new cellular radio access technology specified by 3GPP in Release 13 to address the fast-expanding market for low power wide area connectivity. To achieve global coverage and wide ...

GSMA Regulatory Position on Drones


Thursday 31 Aug 2017 | Advanced Air Mobility | Resources |

This consultation response explains the benefits of cellular connectivity in more detail before identifying potential barriers to cellular connectivity that regulators should be aware of. Much technical work is happening in the drone ...

NB-IoT Deployment Guide


Monday 14 Aug 2017 | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

This GSMA document is the first edition of the NB-IoT Deployment Guide for mobile network operators and application service providers. It identifies a ...

Video: The 4th GSMA Global Mobile IoT Summit


Sunday 23 Jul 2017 | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

Held shortly after the launch of Mobile IoT networks in China, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the USA, the 4th GSMA Global Mobile IoT ...

Webinar Highlights: Deploying Mobile IoT – Ask the Experts


Friday 5 May 2017 | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

Mobile IoT (licensed spectrum low power wide area) networks are a high-growth area of the IoT and will play an important role in connecting billions of new devices. Low power wide area (LPWA) technologies have emerged to serve a ...

The IoT Opportunity: Mobilising the Internet of Things


Monday 24 Apr 2017 | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

Representing the mobile industry, the GSMA’s Internet of Things programme is working to accelerate the deployment of new connected solutions. In this short video, discover more about the growing IoT opportunity and the many ways in ...

Mobile Privacy and Big Data Analytics


Saturday 25 Feb 2017 | Big Data | Resources |

Big data analytics can have a significant impact on societal aims such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has the potential to deliver more effective health outcomes, better environmental management, increased opportunities ...

The importance of Embedded SIM certification to scale the Internet of Things


Saturday 25 Feb 2017 | Remote Provisioning | Resources |

As a provider of connected devices why should you care about test and certification of Embedded SIM? Because it enables your devices to reach market faster since they do not need to pass through proprietary test processes for every ...

LPWA: Enabling Extreme Wildlife Tracking


Saturday 25 Feb 2017 | MIoT Case Studies | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

To protect threatened species, conservationists need to fully understand their behaviour and which habitats are key to their survival. To that end, Vodafone is working with the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) in Scotland to track the ...

Securing the Port of the Future


Tuesday 14 Feb 2017 | IoT Security | IoT Security & Connection Efficiency | Resources |

Led by the University of Seville, the Port Authority of Seville, and Telefónica, the Tecnoport 2025 project uses Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to improve the efficiency of transport and logistics in South West Spain. This case ...

Webinar: Experts Discuss Telco IoT Big Data Initiatives


Friday 3 Feb 2017 | Big Data | Resources |

The Internet of Things is generating a huge amount of data that is currently retained in vertical silos. However, a true IoT is dependent on the availability and confluence of rich data sets from multiple systems, organizations and ...

Video: Importance of Interoperability in Digital Health Revealed in Industry Webinar


Thursday 26 Jan 2017 | Health | Resources |

Digital health solutions can increase quality, reduce cost, and extend reach of healthcare. They can empower individuals to manage their own health more proactively and effectively. They can also assist governments and healthcare ...

The IoT Guide to MWC17


Wednesday 18 Jan 2017 | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

Mobile technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in the Internet of Things, helping to connect everything from sophisticated automobile equipment, to simpler, low power devices which are less reliant on sending and receiving ...

Building Smart Cities – The Crucial Role of Mobile Operators


Tuesday 17 Jan 2017 | Resources | Smart Cities Highlights | Smart Cities Resources |

This video explores the definition of a smart city, the value that mobile operators bring to smart cities, and advice to governments and city planners looking to deploy smart city services.

How Digital Health can Alleviate the Pressure on Healthcare Systems


Wednesday 11 Jan 2017 | Health | Resources |

Digital health has the potential to overcome many of the issues that modern healthcare systems face. In this video, our Vertical Engagement Specialist for Health, Rob Childs, outlines how and why key digital technology an IoT  can ...

MIoT Test Cases


Tuesday 10 Jan 2017 | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

This document provides the test cases that may be carried out for LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Mobile IoT modules and devices that are to be deployed on early adopter networks prior to PTCRB and GCF certification being available in ...

MIoT Test Requirements


Tuesday 10 Jan 2017 | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

The purpose of this document is for establishing test procedures for the verification of LTE CAT-M1, CAT-NB1 and EC-GSM-IoT devices ahead of the official introduction of test cases from RAN5 and validation of official test cases from ...

Smart Cities at Mobile World Congress 2017


Tuesday 20 Dec 2016 | Resources | Smart Cities Resources |

GSMA Connected Living Seminar   IoT Elements: Bringing the Smart City to Life Tuesday, 28 February 2017, 12:00 – 14:00